Dec. 12th, 2010

elomaran: (Death)
To help me with writing every day, without cheating - because if I fill out an excel-sheet, I can write down my words for any day I like to pretend I'm all in the green when it's actually already five days later and I'm bright red - I joined  That's beneath my daily goal, but I can still write more than 750 words if I like. Actually, it works very well. There are badges you earn for finishing days in a row - right now, I'm a penguin with five successful days, though I didn't wrote a word yesterday, but that's because I'm usually doing night shifts, and whilst I count a day until I dim the lights and go to sleep with a new day beginning in the morning, begins a new day at midnight, so 750 words before midnight and 750 after do the trick, too.

But the website does not only count my words - they also interpret and evaluate them. So I can get stats that tell me not only which words I used the most, but also how I feel. Interesting. What does my writing tell about me? Well, it says I'm the most negative person one can ever imagine. Really. Here's what it says about me:

Feeling mostly… Upset. Concerned mostly about… Death

Yeah, that's what it says. True, I'm still concerned about my mental health. But actually what I've been writing these days is my lovely faerie story Spellstrung, with magic and butterflies and hot chocolate. Absolutely no one dies… Wait. Did I just say 'die'? And that's how I knew why thinks me a negative aggressor: They can count my words. But they don't speak my language. Though I blog in English (at least in this blog - I've got four more in my mother tongue), I write my stories in my native German. And in German, there are two very, very common words that look exactly like two English words, but are not only pronounced differently but also mean something entirely different.

The first is 'die', It's got nothing to do with death, it's the female form of the article 'the' (in German, there's male, female and neutral words). As you can imagine, I use this word pretty often. That's where Death comes from. By the way, it's pronounced like 'dee', not like the English 'die'. The second word, the one which makes me seem upset, is 'war'. Again, that's got nothing to do with warfare. It's the 3rd person past tense of 'to be', equalling the English 'was', Again, a word used pretty often. Since the other words I use have no false friend in English or are not that common, these two words dominate my statistics. Every day. I have to live with being presented as a negative person. Rather than really being it, that's okay.

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