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I'm more than glad to announce that I have finished writing a novel which I call Spellstrung in English. The original title is Geigenzauber, translating as Violin Spell, but I've got to admit that I prefer the English title. If one day I not only find a publisher for it but also sell a license to an English speaking country, I'll suggest they call it Spellstrung. But of course I've got to find that publisher first. The book was my nanowrimo novel this year, and between the first ideas on October 14th and finishing line on December 26th lie only about ten months, which is a new speed record for me, especially regarding the fact that it's got 355 pages or 92.359 words.

Today, I designed a cover for the book, not because I plan on self-publishing, but because as a nanowrimo-winner I received a voucher for one free copy with create space and I want that one to look as good as possible. I'm rather proud of the result, if not as proud as of the book, which was somewhat more work and feels better, more professional. After all, I'm a writer, not a graphic designer. But the cover combines the things most important for the story: A violin, of course, as it's one of the main characters in the book (or rather the one who plays it, Branwell the street musician faerie), and a surface of water, which is what Mia, our young heroine, spends lots of time staring at, since she's able to perceive the worlds that lie beneath…

I spell-checked the text and sent it to my agents. Of course there's editing to be done, but they can prepare a pitch based on the first draft, and if in some weeks or months time there's really a publishing house interested in my wonder violin, they can receive a revised edition. But I want 2011 to be my year, and I'm prepared to work hard for that. Even if it means finding less time for blogging…
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