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I'm not a facebook person, definitely not. I've got an account, but it's mostly dead, and I have not and will not upload any photographs, be they old or new - I just do not know what that site is going to do with them, or with the rest of my data, and I don't want anyone to comment on my looks. Still, I've got that account, so I can't say I didn't feed the kraken…

Today, I used facebook for the first time in months. Luckily, my friends who are active there know I am not and have recently ceased sending me Farmville invitations or request to friend friends of friends of them, and I've more than once regretted ever creating that account. Not today. Today I sent a short message to a woman whom I believe to me my old pen-friend Julia, with whom I lost contact around 1993/94 when we both graduated from highschool and our lives changed to much there was no more room for things like pen-friendship in them. But before that, I was one hell of a letter-writer!

There was a company in Finland that, for a small fee, connected kids all around the world as pen-friends. Yes, that was before there was Internet, still it was a kind of social network. My English language skills skyrocketed when I started writing up to three letters a week to countries like Denmark, Ireland, Malaysia, Sweden, Finland, Tansania - wait, I wrote those in French, and I sucked in it, so that friendship was short-lived - Australia, Canada and the USA. I spent vast amounts of my monthly allowance on airmail stamps, and though we had been connected by a Finnish computer (yes, there already were computers, at least), I felt that these friends and I had a lot in common, more than the so-called friends I had in school.

Still, of all these friends, Julia was the most dear to me, a poet and environmentalist like myself, and I would have loved to have visited her or have her as my guest, but it never worked out, and somehow, we stopped writing as we grew up, as it goes with friendships. I know she moved to Washington state to go to college or university, and that's it. Now two days ago I had a very weird dream that involved me travelling into a snowy country (so at least I know it was on the northern hemiphere) to meet with Julia who had either been murdered or needed me to catch a killer - the dream, as I mentioned, was strange and involved lots of even stranger strangeness I can't really recall, it's lurking in some corner of my mind and makes silly faces at me, but it won't come out.

However, it ended up with me today looking up Julia's name in Facebook and, after finding one actually in Washington, sent her a request. She had pictures in her profile, and regarding to those she could just have been the cheeky girl who sent me a picture in 1989. I hope she's well, and I hope it's her, and I hope she won't mind me sending this PM to her. And I hope, damn I hope, she'll write back.
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